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Creating Great Teams

Teams are powerful. Teams are fun. Good teams are motivating for all team members. Great Teams will make your (work)day. During my career at a global consultancy, it was my pleasure to train new team members, to increase self confidence and team collaboration, open doors to diverse team members and build high performing teams in Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and India.   

Great Teams do not rely on good luck. Teams are created by skills which complement each other, motivated team members who dedicate themselves to joint success and rewarding mechanisms which entice fantastic performance. 


In too many companies team work is neither coached, supported nor prioritized. Too often egoism, a wrong sense of competition and clueless (or stressed-out) leaders block team spirit and team effectiveness.

As a strategic consultant I had the opportunity to analyze many pitfalls which led to unsuccessful coworking. People oriented change management and attention to individual strengths and team requirements are keys to winning teams.


Great teams will win. Create high people motivation.

My leadership roles focussed from the beginning on coaching & training team members. I believe in team diversity to best achieve business targets. Mixed skills, backgrounds and expertises will help to successfully tackle professional challenges. I started to build high performance teams in India (with top retention rate) already in 2007. It was a great adventure the learn about the true powers within cross-border and international. More recently I created winning teams across four countries who set new best practices in human resources and employee experience. 

AKAlytics uses a proven step-by-step approach which analyzes individual strengths and group dynamics. Great teams are the result of team members enthusiasm and their joint will for team and individual success. 

Creating Great Teams starts with focus on individual team members and identifying short-term actions and mid-term targets. Joint commitment and motivation are essential. Change to the better often originates on ideas from team members. Identification of positive options and building joint support behind specific actions will guide towards team strength.

Creating Great Teams provides guidance to team leads and coaching to individual team members. Team roles might be revised and jointly aligned. Team performance is more than just the sum of individual achievements.

Diversity of team players provides competive edge. Smart personal skills should be bundled and smooth cooperation should be enticed. Integration of suitable team candidates is as important as a positive attitude towards individual improvement. Individual incentives and individual training should be considered for mid-term performance improvements. Team incentives are also important. Nevertheless, team wins depend on a multitude of individual dedication which molds together smoothly.


Team success rests on planning, matching targets with individual capabilites and (sub-)team deliverables. Winning teams are magic. Great Team Creation is an ambitous and rewarding project which will bring tangible benefits to business, leadership and team members . 

Consult AKAlytics. Let's jointly realize your team's path to success. 

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